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Else you can use with any other trading system. Auto Chart Alert is a free tool to use and to share.
How to use
Auto Chart Alert uses Keyboard operation. Especially it uses number key to create or remove the alert lines.
  • Key Board 0: Delete all auto alert lines in your chart
  • Key Board 1: Set Alert line 1 above current price
  • Key Board 2: Set Alert line 2 below current price
  • Key Board 3: Set Alert line 3 above current price
  • Key Board 4: Set Alert line 4 below current price
  • Key Board 5: Set Alert line 5 above current price
  • Key Board 6: Set Alert line 6 below current price
Trading Direction
Auto Chart Alert is great trading solution for Price Action and Pattern Trading. You can use the Auto Chart Alert for the following trading strategy or system.
  • Traditional support and resistance trading
  • Round number (psychological number) trading
  • Price Breakout Pattern Scanner (Advanced Price Pattern Scanner)
  • Harmonic Pattern Plus
  • Sideways market analyser
  • Any other Price Action and Pattern Trading system
Input Settings
  • Alert for Price Cross over the line : true to use cross over alert
  • Alert for Distance: Set to true to use otherwise, set to false
  • Alert Distance in Pips: This is the distance in pips you will get alert between current price and the alert trend line (alert for distance must set to true)
  • Trend Line Size in Bar: length of Trend line from current time to backward in candle bar number
  • Trend Line Projection in Bar: length of Trend line from current time to forward in candle bar number
  • Trend Line Offset: 1 to 10 only. Higher the number, the trend line will be offset from the current price
Further Information
This is free tool developed by Y H Seo (Copyright © 2016, Y H Seo). You are free to use and to share this tool at any time. LOGO3_看图王.png


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